3D Printed Cake Toppings and Lithophanes to order.

We can personalise the cake topping with a name or place at the requestors discretion. Lithophanes will require an image or picture / photograph for conversion to a 3D printed lithophane.

Contact Us - info@uselocal.co.za

Conditions of Sale

All private order requests will be handled in the same manner as 'mail order' systems. Once the full purchase amount is established and agreed upon, this amount is to be transferred into a bank account and cleared ( reflecting on the bank statement ), the goods will be manufactured and dispatched.

If the buyer should choose to deposit a cheque, the clearance time of said cheque will be seven ( 7 ) working days due to the banking regulations and processing.

Transport and insurance (if any) will be for the buyers account and will be included in the final quote. .

Information on the 3D Printing Process

3D printing is a time consuming process. The article is designed on a 3D digital platform and then formatted for 3D print.

The actual printing process is measured in hours.
IE: One 80mm x 80mm lithophane will take 5 - 6 hours to complete.

We request a lead time of 7 days for any order to be manufactured and dispatched.

Any requests, orders or queries, please email info@uselocal.co.za or CLICK HERE

Mr & Mrs

Mrs & Mrs

Mr & Mr

Pirate Ship Birthday

Too Sexy for this Cake

Various Banner Logos

Spiderman Birthday

Personalised Mr & Mr

Fem & Fem

Unicorn Birthday

Various Logos

Mrs & Mrs

Personalised Mr & Mrs

Mrs & Mrs

Mr & Mr

21st Birthday

Personalised Birthday

60th Birthday

Personalised Wedding Topper

Rotating Jewelry Organiser

Lithophane Information

What is a lithophane? It is a 3D printed formatt of an image or photograph. The image effect is realised when a light source is behind the article.

Lithophane Example

Printed Lithophane

Lithophane with Light behind.